More than 10 years develops advanced solutions for brand promotion at the point of sale.

  • More than 150 experienced specialists
  • More than 6000 square meters of modern production areas
  • Stand-alone production sites for processing of plastics, metal, wood and cardboard
  • Specialized engineering offices and assembly teams
  • An individual packaging based on finished product characteristics and conditions of logistics
  • Storage spaces for materials and finished products

Our technologies:

  • Plastic processing technologies:
    vacuum forming, CNC, laser cutting, bending, optically transparent gluing.
  • Corrugated cardboard processing:
    backing, die-cutting, digital cutting, offset and digital printing, gluing, assembling.
  • Technologies of metal processing:
    cutting, bending, welding, powder painting, stainless steel processing.
  • Printing technologies:
    screen and digital printing. Direct printing on various rigid materials.
  • Woodworking technologies:
    cutting, polishing, painting, edging, lamination, facing by HPL-plastics, veneer and other materials.
  • Electronic components:
    touch-screens, photo-frames and LED-screens, multimedia and sound players, multipurpose and multichannel controllers for LED, controllers of systems of the drive, multipurpose sensors (motion, light, magnetic, etc.).
  • Exclusive technologies and decorative materials for the realization of unique projects:
    painting enamel for metal, small edition castings, decorative coating of various materials (aging etc.), artificial stone processing, textile, flock leather finishing, exclusive handmade works.